New trends

When you take a look at all these Internet kids these days you’ll see pretty soon that there’s something going on that we can’t understand any more. There are plenty of examples that just show how difficult it is for us to really understand the reasoning behind it. You just have to take a look at Facebook for example. Some pupils have their 800 friends and spend plenty of hours each day chatting with others, liking photos, playing games etc. Especially the last point is critical as there are plenty of games and game developers like Zynga are even publicly listed. They are also involved in casino games like slots where you can win jackpots or poker. Nevertheless, it’s a threat for the development of todays youth. How can you concentrate on school and your hobbies when you spend that much time in online networks? I think there’s no doubt about that and no need for discussion. But the question is if we are wrong there or if they’re wrong. Isn’t it possible that it’s just the new way to communicate and interact. Instead of hugging someone when he’s feeling bad you poke him or send a message that it’s gonna be alright. Instead of calling your friend to invite him to your birthday party you create an event on Facebook and invite him there. No matter how you see it, chances are that this isn’t just a trend or generally a bad thing. It may very well be the future we just don’t understand yet.